Procurement & Logistics

Providing the right technology, at the right place, for the right cost and at the right time can be daunting in the complex global, multi-sourcing environment. We partner with leading IT vendors, together with our industry experience to provide excellent procurement services. Amobix Digital Networks is expert at managing the commercial and logistics complexity for acquiring and delivering IT equipment across various locations. We provide the consultancy to ensure the right solution is purchased and we use our purchasing power to ensure it’s at the right price.
Key features
  • Logistics Management
  • IT Asset management and co-ordination
  • Partnerships with all leading vendors
  • Access to top line support
  • Leverage our purchasing power
  • Trained sales consultants
  • Inventory Management
  • Refresh and Trade-in
  • Refurbishment
Key benefits of our Procurement and Logistics services include:
  • Lower procurement and installation costs
  • Mitigate risks to installation deadlines
  • Plan rollouts with confidence
  • Unrivalled responsiveness and tailored to your specific needs
Get in touch to find out how Amobix Digital Networks might help you deliver excellent procurement Services Tel: +44 3330143206 or email