Adapting to New Security Threats

Implementing the right security measures to protect your business is paramount. The business and reputation cost of poor security is now too high to endure for most organisations. Security policy standards, regulatory and industry compliance mean comprehensive security is mandatory.
With the explosion of Web based applications and borderless networks providing your users’ access to ever increasing resources and applications anytime from anywhere means security is ever more important.

Secure Your Sensitive Applications and Data

Amobix Digital Networks provides a full range of services to address network infrastructure security concerns, thereby allowing you to exploit all the benefits of today’s applications while defending in depth against sophisticated malware attacks, loss of business data and misuse of company critical assets and information.
We focus on supporting security appliances from leading vendors such as Check Point, Nokia, Juniper, Cisco and Huawei and F5. Employing a wide range tool, our security specialists can survey and test customer’s Network Security Policies.

Security Audits and Assessments

Amobix Digital Networks’ first task when assigned to manage your IT security is a complete security audit of your organisation’s IT systems. It aims to identify current and future vulnerabilities and provide a comprehensive report and recommendations.

The report will provide a high-level risk assessment of your whole IT infrastructure by area, including:

  • Technology
  • Staff
  • Effectiveness of your current security measures

The recommendations will tell you how you can improve your security, ensuring that all common issues are dealt with. It will also help to educate you on the source of these issues, the various tools required to fix them; thereby keeping you better informed on how you can maintain security while the business continues to perform well.


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