About us

Who we are

The people who can deliver unrivalled agility and service excellence to your business through our world-class technical ability and commercial common sense

What We Do

Amobix Digital Networks and IT Services provides Design, Installation, Maintenance and Support services to Businesses world wide.  We specialise in taking care of  the information technology requirements of modern businesses, therefore allowing our clients to concentrate on what they do best, running their business. By removing the burden of mundane, day to day IT operations, we ensure our clients are working efficiently with its available IT resources.

Our IT support services can easily accommodate anything from a large enterprise to a start-up business, providing all the services expected from an internal IT department and more at a fraction of the cost, and with a far greater depth of IT industry knowledge.

Although each client may conduct business differently, their critical requirements are the same; technology must be reliable and be able to support their business long-term. We offer IT infrastructure and operations management services, security audit and assessment, systems integration and IT consulting, as well as the procurement of hardware and software for your business. Whatever the need, we can customise a solution tailored to fit into your existing infrastructures and improve performance to meet your satisfaction.

Our mission

To partner with our clients, delivering agility to their business cost-effectively through excellent network and security implementation, support solutions and innovative technology.

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