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IT Support Helpdesk
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       IT Support Helpdesk

aDigitals Managed IT support offers our clients the chance to relieve the pressure on their overworked staff and maximise productivity and performance across the company by leaving third-party experts to deal with any IT problems that crop up.


At aDigitals we offer clients access to both a helpdesk (Software) and hardware support services to make sure all of their issues are resolved quickly and effectively. Customers have access to our specialists' expertise 24/7, 365 days a year and have the choice between warranty or break-fix management. Our service desk teams provide on demand hardware and software support for servers, networks and desktop environments. These dedicated call teams provides a single point of contact for incident resolution and resolver group management. We offer total call ownership, using external application links and web-enabled call management to keep you informed of progress throughout the incident lifecycle. Working to ITIL Standards, service desk teams provide as ‘personal’ a service as we can deliver. Service desk analysts have flexibility to go on site to resolve local issues.

  • Level 1-3 technical software support
  • Systems administration
  • ITIL Compliant
  • Multi-vendor accredited Management and support
  • Multilingual call handling
  • Incident, change and problem management
  • System configuration and support
  • On-site engineering support
  • Regular management reporting
  • Remote Support
  • Desk-side support




Routers Managed Services Network Hardware Support
Switches Professional Services Data Center Software Support
Servers Procurement & Logistics Converged Communication Network Support
Network Devices Support Services Security

After Sales Support



Phone Handsets
Telephony Switches
Other Categories

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