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IT Asset Management
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       IT Asset Management

As technical infrastructures become more complex there is an increasing demand being put on limited IT resources. We understand that an accurate inventory and asset management service plays an important role in managing your LAN or WAN. Our IT asset management service is a web-based platform that gives users full visibility of all the company's assets, from computers and laptops to televisions and security cards. The prime benefits of this service ranges from reduced operational costs, managing the integration of new technology to enabling effective risk and resource management, and assessing potential security flaws.

Key Benefits
  • Reduced operating costs by providing better control of known assets, saving staff valuable time and effort
  • Ability to identify all IP-based network devices, such as desktop computers, printers, servers, routers
  • Comprehensive hardware and software inventory
  • Ongoing visibility and control over all computers, regardless of location
  • Automatic distribution of new applications and upgrades
  • Ability to make uniform upgrades and configurations throughout the organisation
  • Patch management protecting corporate and remote users
  • Intelligent data encryption that protects data on online and offline PCs
  • Manage network resource
  • Improved network security
  • Improved network performance
  • Improved user productivity



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