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       Remote Monitoring & Management

Network services is at the core of our business. All networks, no matter how well they are designed, need careful management. Traffic needs to be constantly monitored, devices need to be available and hardware and software need to be upgraded.

At aDigitals, we understand the nature of business critical networks and systems. We know the business impact that can result from a seemingly simple hardware fault. We also know that by the time your customer has discovered it and logged a call, it may be too late. Even with the best support service, getting an accredited engineer and spares to site consumes valuable time.


To maximise availability, aDigitals has invested in remote operations management. By monitoring your critical systems 24 hours/day, 365 days/year, we can identify and respond to symptoms that are likely to cause problems. In many cases we can resolve them before the service deteriorates or initiate proactive engineering response.

Our accredited engineers work round the clock to monitor the performance of customer’s networks and servers. Using a range of management tools, they trap alarms, filter unusual activity and respond to incidents. The aDigitals service desk is alerted of any potential incidents, allowing remedial action to be initiated and scheduled to prevent downtime before it can affect services. Clients who subscribe to our monitoring service can view incident logs and traffic analysis in real time through our secure partner portal.

Key Features
  • Alerting - Continuous monitoring of your complete IT environment, providing alerts that enable rapid identification and remediation of issues or problems.
  • Asset and Compliance Management - Infrastructure asset reporting tracks IT assets by IP address, node name and software image for capacity planning, maintenance and regulatory purposes.
  • Performance - Monitors server, networks, systems and applications, providing hourly, daily and weekly reports on key IT metrics, such as CPU, memory and disk. This enables rapid identification of potential problems (i.e., over-utilisation) before they can impact the IT service.
  • Security - Focuses on internal security for predominantly Windows environments including four critical components that could affect business operations.
  • Intrusion monitoring - "who did what to whom" data summaries provide a basis for audit trails.
  • Real time vulnerability scanning - for thousands of different vulnerabilities and reports ideal for compliance, including "open ports" and "discovered Windows users and services", among others.
  • Patch assessment and management - reports that identify where patches are needed by device, server or desktop, by bulletin or by Microsoft product, such as Internet Explorer. Automated patch deployment can be selected for servers, desktops and laptops.
  • Firewall monitoring - real time monitoring of firewall availability and critical event.

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