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Paramount to any organisation’s smooth operation is its enterprise networks. Its seamless operation now defines how colleagues, customers and partners find, manage and interact with each other. Your communications, business processes and applications depend on it.

Networks are any time, any device entities, from a home office or roaming PDA, to a 24 x 7 manufacturing plant. Along with complexity comes responsibility. Enterprise networks are often key components supporting regulatory compliance, as well as industry standards-based communications.

At aDigitals, we are able to project manage entire network installations to incorporate the Planning, design, implementation and support aspects. This enables clients to benefit from our expertise in network performance, network security, remote access and storage and archiving solutions. All projects are undertaken with great emphasis on a professionalism, total transparency and integrity.

Our network solutions include:
  • Core networks (WAN) – From VPNs to carrier class core networks, the backbone is expected to be secure, available, resilient and service focused
  • Campus LAN – Connecting desktops across the campus or location, or throughout your major corporate offices. Their design and operation is increasingly critical to support data, telephony, unified communications, and networked applications.
  • Wireless Mobility Networks (WLAN) – Whether it’s guest access, a flexible working environment, secure wireless home access, or to help locate assets, wireless provides agility to enterprise networks.

Give us a call to find out how aDigitals can help you implement an efficient Data centre on Tel: 0207 1176195 or email us

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