Cloud Security

Secure your enterprise against tomorrow’s threats, today.

Move to the cloud with confidence, Protect Sensitive Data with a secure and scalable Cloud solution

Cloud security starts with complete visibility into every deployed resource as well as confidence that they’re properly configured and compliant.

Amobix Digital Networks offers a range of multi-cloud security technologies designed for your digital workspace. Our portfolio of cloud security solutions and services from leading vendors enable you to adopt cloud services safely whilst protecting your sensitive data, critical applications and users against many evolving cyber-threats.

Are you looking to manage and automate Cloud Security ?

Amobix can help with your secure Cloud migration and secure Digital Transformation.

Enforce security best practices and compliance with CloudGuard Security Platform from CheckPoint

Cloud Security Ecosystem

Security, Governance and Compliance Automation

Cloud security and compliance posture management for cloud-native environments, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. CloudGuard provides automated security, governance and compliance, with customized policies, delivering high-fidelity visibility and control.

High Fidelity Cloud Security Posture Management

Assess and determine security posture, detect misconfigurations, model and actively enforce gold standard policies, protect against attacks and insider threats, implement cloud security intelligence for cloud intrusion detection, and comply with regulatory requirements and best practices all from one unified platform. CloudGuard, helps organizations to deploy faster and more effective cloud security operations, pain-free compliance and governance, and automated DevSecOps best practices.

Privileged Identity Protection

Enforce just-in-time privilege escalation, including out-of-band on mobile device. Deny access to critical actions based on Identity and Access Management (IAM) users and roles, and continuously audit and analyze IAM users and roles for suspicious activity.

Benefits of Cloud Security

Advanced Threat Prevention

Provides all-round protection of cloud assets

Simple Management

Manage security policies simply and consistently locally and from the cloud

Automated Network Security

Supports rapid deployment, agility and automation of CI/CD workflows.

Unified Management Across all Clouds

Consistent policy to manage security across on-premises and multi-cloud environments

Gain additional layers of protection against business and cloud environment.

Amobix offers a wide range of advisory, implementation, managed, technical, and optimization services to help you protect your Digital Assets.

Bulletproof your Cloud Security with CloudGuard

CloudGuard for Cloud Network Security from CheckPoint

CloudGuard provides advanced threat prevention and automated cloud network security through a virtual security gateway, with unified security management across all your multi-cloud and on-premises environments.

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