Keep your IT infrastructures running securely at an optimal cost. Managed IT Services Make your workforce efficient and mobile through agile and enhanced Networking & Mobility Define your protection strategy, transform and adapt to intelligentSecurity Services Precisely tailored software that does exactly what you need it to Software Development
Keep your IT infrastructures running securely at an optimal cost. Managed IT Services
Whether you need support on end point devices, network, infrastructure, security, Microsoft administration or a mixture of all of these, our team has the expertise to keep your business running effectively.
Make your workforce efficient and mobile through agile and enhanced Networking & Mobility
Take advantage of Amobix’s top industry wired and wireless solutions to address your business needs at every stage of your growth, and make your workforce efficient and mobile
Define your protection strategy, transform and adapt to intelligentSecurity Services
Protect your enterprise against new vulnerabilities. Fortify your data's confidentiality, integrity and availability in hybrid IT and at the edge and keep aware of evolving security and regulatory requirements.
Precisely tailored software that does exactly what you need it to Software Development
Businesses of all shapes and sizes trust us to successfully deliver their mission-critical software, then stay with us to evolve their digital products and services.


IT transformation solutions organisation that use the right mix of technologies, partners and services to help you archieve your goals


Networking is the foundation for a truly integrated data infrastructure, security solution and Communication that lets you properly empower your workforce and fuel business with IT insight. Design, build, migrate and operate complex IT environments at scale.

Security and Digital Protection

Transform to intelligent security. Defend against infrastructure attacks. Amobix have you covered wherever your data and workloads reside. We deliver secure, reliable infrastructure that helps you achieve the right balance, arming your systems to prevent, detect and recover from threats.

Software Services

At Amobix, we provide world-class custom software development services for start-ups, small-to-midsize (SMB), and large enterprise-size businesses.

Unique Services

Software Development

Amobix provides tailored designs for your critical Mobile & Web Applications for your business…

Managed IT Services

Amobix ensure that your technologies are running smoothly so your business can achieve ultimate productivity…

Networking and Mobility

Empower your workforce and fuel business with secure wired and wireless Networks…

IT Consultancy

Alongside you, we assess, compare and support you to grow your business, leveraging the best technologies….

IT and Cyber Security

Defend against infrastructure attacks. Protect your digital assets with innovative technologies…

Cloud Services

Design, build, migrate and operate complex public, private and hybrid cloud environments…

In today’s digital age, innovation is fueled by creativity. At Amobix, we imagine a world where technology goes beyond simply aiding the things we do but instead, delivers the foundation for mobile and digital technologies to revolutionize the way we connect

Solution That Transforms Your Business and Home

Amobix Digital Networks provides hybrid IT solutions that enable people to connect, communicate and collaborate securely without limitations.We combine experience, intelligence and expertise with leading technologies from our ecosystem of partners to creates secure, stable and scalable IT environments that help drive your business forward

Keep pace with new cyber threats and technology initiatives. Transform to intelligent security.

We’ll help you define strategy and roadmaps, architect and design, integrate and transform so you have intelligent data protection to compete in the digital economy. A combination of innovative security features that goes beyond perimeter security, arming your systems to prevent, detect and recover from threats.

Redefine, ignite and unleash the right mix of IT. Accelerate your competitive edge with high-performance Networking and IT solutions that drive new business insights and improve business efficiency

Networking enables the individual components of your IT and Security Systems to talk to each other, providing the connectivity essential for creating a truly integrated IT and Security environment. Amobix networking services can utilize wireless or wired network, or a combination of the two to deliver seamless IP based networking for security, telephony and computing.

Simple and efficient communication that saves costs while delivering convenience and productivity for your business.

Private Hosted solution that allows businesses to collaborate using Unified Communication (UC) features such as presence, chat, video conferencing

Having effective Access Control system in place is one of the most reliable ways to protect your business, property, and company information.

Amobix Security can design and install an access control system that allows people to get to where they are needed at the right times, while also preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas.

Make digital transformation real and Drive efficient growth with Amobix Cloud Services

At Amobix, we give our clients the protection and freedom to become the business they want to be by enabling transformative technology change through Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud Solution. An integrated Computing, Securrity and Telephony system that can be monitored and managed from anywhere and anytime.

Accelerate the digitization of your business processes. Integrate your system and reduce repetitive work

Amobix integration services will drive transformation and building of your businesses by bringing together the capabilities needed to help you grow and thrive. We help our clients harness the power of data and artificial intelligence, modernize core technology and capitalize on new technology, optimize and automate operations, fuel digital growth, create stunning digital experiences, and build digital talent and culture.

About Amobix

Amobix provides technology that makes life better for its clients and everyone. Through our portfolio of IT, Telecom, solutions, and services, we engineer amazing experiences for businesses and individuals worldwide

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What our customers say about us

Martina Doe

Systematic Finance and Consulting (CEO)

Amobix deployed a project team that led the creation of a transformative new tax client experience for our business that:
  • Allows users to access information at any given level – from a high-level overview of the status of all client engagements to down-in-the-weeds individual task statuses.
  • Is highly customizable in real-time to accommodate tax reform changes.
  • Is designed to be readily adoptable by any additional sub-service lines.
  • Is SaaS ready, creating a potential new revenue stream for the client.

Mike Russel

Micro Tech Labs (Manager)

As a leading medical technology company, Amobix worked with our employees and customers to fine-tune the company’s product-development approach


Company Name (VP Operations)

Amobix’s solution enabled seamless collaboration with vendors to drastically expand market reach. By creating a solution that allows us to collaborate seamlessly with third party aggregators and vendors, we expanded our marketplace considerably. The intuitive design of the connecting layer allowed the organization significant business agility by opening the door to further API marketplace opportunities. The new API layer positioned the quoting service for future extensibility, creating a codebase that is easily modified to accommodate additional new business partners. This has opened the door for the client to apply similar methods to other products and services that have been hindered by legacy technology and technical debt.


Alpha Kapital Micro Finance (Corporate Manager)

For IT leaders responsible for guiding impactful projects within their organization, having a trusted partner is essential. See how Amobix helped Alpha Kapital leadership undertake a full digital transformation that drastically elevated IT’s role within the organization.


Management Consulting Firm (Manager IT)

Amobix’s development team, consisting of onshore and offshore resources, provided the technical leadership, planning, project ramp-up, and estimation for the rollout of our custom marketing CRM system. Amobix was able to work with our in-house team to complete the rollout successfully.


Fund Raising Organization (CEO)

Thanks to Amobix, the new chapter management portal it deployed for our organization completely modernized our philanthropic abilities, both in digital functionality and in the user experience. The standalone web application made the process completely paperless, allowing users to do more with less effort. Some of the chapter functions that had previously taken months to process and approve can now be completed and processed within a week of submittal. Members of each chapter have gained full visibility to their chapters, allowing them to be more involved in the community than they had ever been before. By creating a fully digital process for its members, the system enabled accounting, corporate communications, marketing, event planners, and third-party vendors to drive a successful fundraising event.

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World Class Delivery and Logistics Solution from CIS Inspirations

Commercial delivery, home, office and storage moves are among the top services offerings by CIS Inspirations, a fast growing Logistic company based in UK.

Make a difference with Amobix's Remote Working Solution

Solutions to help your business stay productive & secure while working remote as Covid-19 continues to change the way we work.

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