Security Gadgets

Amazing Range of Gadgets for Indoor and Outdoor Surveillance

Tracking Devices

We offer a range of real-time GPS tracking and SMS (text message) tracker products which can be tracked from a smartphone and/or computer providing full journey routes and push notifications in the event of movement.

Surveillance Cameras

Keeping your home and property secure can be a major headache these days, and here at Amobix we have extensive range modern security devices to provide peace-of-mind

Counter Surveillance

Commonly referred to as RF (radio frequency) Detectors, under the umbrella TSCM (tactical surveillance counter measures) whether you are a field operative, an enthusiast or somebody concerned about being bugged in a personal or business capacity, we have the product/s to help find conclusive evidence.

Audio Surveilance

We showcase audio in the form of Telephone Recording for both home and office use. Products that record both sides of your smartphone conversation/s and landline recorders to provide peace of mind for times when you wished you had captured a call.

AC Power Plug with Spy Camera

Hidden spy cameras and covert surveillance CCTV should not be seen as dark matter and has various positive uses within the home, office or vehicle. Types of cameras include Motion Activated Cameras, WiFi Remote Cameras, Body Worn Cameras and Outdoor Security Cameras.

It would be hard to guess that this ordinary fully functional AC power plug contains a miniature colour WiFi surveillance camera.  In addition to having the perfect guise, this internet cam also offers true HD 1080P video resolution and remote viewing from your phone or tablet from any location.  Included are interchangeable power plugs for use in UK, EU, USA and Australia

The era of fast forward thinking

Today’s digital marketplace is moving with unprecedented speed. At Amobix, we’re always looking forward and working fast to get great digital ideas to the market

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